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Gestion PME

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Gestion PME - Incorporate Edition is a accounting management application that allows you with simplicity follow all your transactions related to the management of your micro, small and medium-sized business. Your accounts will now be easier than your accountant.

From managing a database of your customers, your suppliers and your employees, you'll be able to make your invoices, submission and service calls, entering purchases made at your suppliers and expenses of your business. Moreover, no calculation of your hand, all these forms available to you, their work will automatically create and maintain proper accounting and with simplicity ! Our section accounts management, includes predefined accounts such as general ledger, taxes, purchases, spending, sales and, of course, bank accounts.

This application will also manage your products, all in an effort to avoid to re-type the descriptions and the prices of your products each time. In addition, all text fields of the application will remember the texts that you entered, let alone loss of time.

All this accounts well calculated by Gestion PME - Incorporate Edition, you will view and print in record time, and this directly on the forms Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada for your GST and PST report.

All this information could simply be viewed on screen or printed with our new reports section customizable by the user, which will give you tremendous flexibility and visibility so that your impressions truly represent the vision that you have for the management of your company.